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Sci-fi/Horror novelist and podcaster Scott Sigler joins the show today to talk about his origins of writing...and giving away his books for free as PODCASTS! If you're a "Junkie" then this is a don't miss episode! If you're not...well, you will be when this episode is finished!

You can find all of Scott's fantastic books and podcasts over at scottsigler.com

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Are you guilty of Twitter Bombing? Do you even know you're doing it? The evil side of marketing and how it's hurting you from getting advertisers!

How many downloads do you get a month? Where do you fit in with the rest of the podcasting world? Find out the answers to this and so much more!

We'd love to hear from you!

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Former Radio Show host,  E! Entertainment Personality and Game Show host with the Most (The Price Is Right Live, Family Game Night) Todd Newton joins the show today to talk about all things podcasting. From his early roots all they way podcast host. We talk storytelling building an audience through personality and Todd gives some real advice on how to be a podcaster!

Thinking of starting your own podcast? Get your first month of hosting free at Libsyn.com! Just use Promo Code:Pod101 when signing up!

Thanks for listening!

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In this episode of Podcasting 101, we talk about indie music, the podcasting community and networking. Lots of hard work goes into podcasting, sit back and enjoy this indie rock, and might I say F-bomb fuled chat about podcasting!

This episode is NSFW but filled with tons of passionate talk about podcasting. Thanks for listening!


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in this episode of Podcasting 101, we sit down with Brian Ward and Dr. Andrea Letamendi, a Clinical Psychologist, Scientist, and Convention Speaker to discuss thier podcast "Arkham Sessions"

This podcast is different from other "Batman" podcasts in that they break each episode of the series down by taking a look at it from a psychologists point of view. It's well researched, produced and there is more passion oozing from this podcast than something you'd find in a cheesey romance novel! They love batman and it makes for an excellent podcast because of this!


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This week Austrailian Novelist and Podcaster Melissa K. Craig from the Melissa K. Craig and Charity Parkerson Podcast joins me to talk about the struggles of Career, Podcasting and Family. It's a balancing act people. We discuss the trials of starting a podcast as well as the great things a podcast can do for you if you're doing it AND using it right! 

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This week on Podcasting 101 we talk to @MelissaKCraig from The Melissa Craig and Charity Parkinson Podcast about "How Podcasting has changed her life". Then after that, it's ALL about the Pizza, the Beer and the Revolution. First up, their assistant PBRKelly, who herself is a fan of podcasts chimes in to give a review on one of her favorite podcasts. What podcast might that be? Well, it's the "What Say You" podcast from Brian "Q" Quinn of TESD fame and Sal Vulcano, both from the hit television show The Impractical Jokers.

After the review we kick it into full PBR gear (Pizza Beer Revolution) when Matt...sorry...MIKE and Joe join myself and Jeremy (McBlizzard) for a discussion on podcasting. This is a great interview where we talk about what makes a good podcast. We also cover creating video content for your show, the true power of your podcast website and we share a few tips and tricks through out the interview that are sure to help out any podcaster! You can find this podcast on itunes and stitcher as well as over on twitter via @PizzaBeerRev

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In this episode of Podcasting 101 we hear from Chris, the host of Attention Deficit Order in "How Has Podcasting Changed Your Life?" Believe it or not, he keeps his focus...also, we may have more than one thing in common.

We again hear from Andrew Johnstone in our "Podcast Review" segment and he recommends the zombie survival radio drama We're Alive! This truly is a fantastic achivement in podcasting. *Reminder* We interviewed the creator/writer of We're Alive previously so I recommend giving that episode a listen for even more behind the scenes information on the show...then of course, go subscribe and binge listen to the podcast!

In our Interview portion of the show, I'm lucky enough to sit down with the lovely Mike Falzone and his beautiful girlfriend Zoja A.K.A. Coffee Girl (There is an origin story to the name) from Welcome to our Podcast. We talk all about starting a podcast, figuring it all out. How to handle the work load and trying to even that work load out between co-hosts. How to promote a podcast and so much more.

If you are thinking about starting your own podcast, please visit Libsyn.com and use PROMO CODE Pod101 for a free month!

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Thanks so much for listening and KEEP PODCASTING!!!

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Hey future podcaster! Welcome to the podcast that's all about podcasting! This week I've got a full show for ya! First up is of course, "How has Podcasting changed your life?" In this segment we hear from Mike, the host of Royal Monster Battalion. Even though he is only in the beginning stages of starting his podcast, he can already sense the significance and power of podcasting!

We also hear from our Podcast Reviewer Andrew Johnstone. This week he reviews the very popular video game podcast, "Retronauts." What makes this podcast so great? What could you learn from this show?

Now in the interview portion, I was lucky enough to sit down with the very lovely Cynthia Sanchez from "Oh So Pinteresting." It's a Blog, It's a Podcast, It's all about Pinterest! Hear how she took a hobby and created a full time gig out of it! Learn some great tips and tricks and hear what she has to say about succeeding in podcasting!


Email: 7DAGpodcasting101@gmail.com

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This week we talk with Dave Cummings, The current mastermind and showrunner of a fantastic podcast called "The No Sleep Podcast." If you're into storytelling and a little bit of Theater of the Mind...then this episode is a no brainer. Lots of things discussed in this weeks interview. Scheduling, Marketing and building a method of payment for your podcast. If you've not heard of this show, I urge you to go check it out. It's got a ton of production value, it's creative and I for one think it's great!

Also on the show, my 7 Days a Geek co-host, Jer A.K.A. McBlizzard (or Bibbles for those who can't say it right) joins the show to chat inbetween segments. Unfortunatly there is no "How has podcasting changed your life" but we do have a fantastic review of the Revolutions podcast from our very own @PodcastSquared.

As always, thanks so much for listening. Please share the show via your social media outlets!




Voicemail: 206-339-1404

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