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Dave Jackson, host of The School of Podcasting stops by the show to talk all things podcasting. Dave has been podcasting for 10 years...no...9 years. (Right Dave?:-) He has himself a great podcast, one that I myself have become a fan of. If you like shows about podcasting and you aren't listening to his...well then I'm betting after you listen to this here episode, you'll head on over to iTunes and give his show a click on the subscribe button. He runs a fun, informative podcast and I can't say enough good things about it!


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Libsyn's very own Rob Walch returns to Podcasting 101 and brings with him a wealth of information every podcaster should hear!

Do you have questions about Libsyn 4? Well, we go through all the changes and updates to give you a better feel for what to expect.

We talk about having a premium account, a way Libsyn helps us podcasters make money.

We also discuss having you're very own podcast app. There are fees involved but it's a very cost effective way to go and an excellent way to maintain growth for your podcast.

Numbers...what about numbers? I can hear all of you 101 listeners shouting from afar! Where do I rank? How do I compare to all my fellow podcasters out there? Well, Rob came fully loaded to give you information overload. Grab a pen and paper, open up your notes on your iPad or tablet and get to writing...You'll want to remember all of this!

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Esther Kiss, one half of the Born to Influence podcast stops by to talk Marketing, and the importance of using Google+ in a Facebook world.

Esther shares an important past failure and what she learned from it in order to build a more successful podcast this time around.

Talking to top bussiness exec's and entrepreneurs is what Esther's podcast is based on, so she has a very good handle on the business side of things...that and she also know's a good thing or two when it comes to the marketing side of things as well. Seeing how that's her profession outside of podcasting.

Grab your pen and paper... as always, tons of great information for any podcaster lay right here in this episode of Podcasting 101!

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Chris Luby, host of Smoregeeks and it's spin off podcast, Movie Crash, stops by to talk about all things podcasting.

How do you prevent burn out? What is your endgame? Have you set goals for you and your podcast? These are just a few questions we discuss. We also talk about how to go about building a podcast that is just right for you! Also, a few Twitter trade secrets are shared.

@ThatRoadGuy from Torocast calls in to talk about "How Podcasting Has Changed Your Life" and Kathleen Kelly from Special Mouse Podcast gives us her PodReview of Betty In The Sky With a Suitcase.






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Greg Jones, host of the podcasts, The Charity Strike and Awkward Apocalypse, joins me today to discuss All things podcasting.


Topics we discuss are:


Adding a Co-host of the oppisite sex and the effects it has on your podcast.


Does being a showrunner mean you handle all the workload?


and of course...much, much more!


Before the interview I give a couple of shoutouts to new friends on Twitter. I'll repeat them here for dramatic effect.


Nikki @Eatks


Zoe Grimm @ZoeGrimmTVP


Jared Easley @JaredEasley


We think get our first response to a new segment titled "How Has Podcasting Changed Your Life?"


Justin, host of the Comical Podcast chimes in to talk about how it has given him a purpose and a new sense of focus for the things he's passionate about.


We also have a 2nd NEW segment. PodReview. Where you guessed it, a new panel of Podcast reviewers chime in with a new podcast to recommend to you, the listener, weekly!


Andrew Johnstone from the now defunct, Podcast Squared, joins us at the end of the show to give his 1st recommendation for a Go Bayside. A podcast with an interesting spin on all things Saved By The Bell.


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Justin Worsham joins us this week to talk about all things podcasting. Justin is a married, On the road comedian, and father of 2. Like all comedians these days, Justin figured he needed a podcast to continue building his audience as well as use it for getting "Radio Ready". His life is built around his kids, his act is built around his kids...so why not have the podcast follow down that path?

This guy is a born podcaster. He's funny, quick thinking...and like all good comedians, he's got really good stories to tell. He's candid about the difficulties of both building an audience as well as getting that audience to pony up a couple of dollars a month.

If you've got your heart set on monitizing your show, Justin lets it be known that it's not an easy task.

Great advice, Great stories and a lot of fun for ya on this episode of Podcasting 101! ...just don't touch Dad's stereo!

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Also, I've got 5 spots open for April's Podcasting 101 class. If you or someone you know is thinking about starting a podcast and needs a little 1 on 1 coaching, please reach out to me. My rate is affordable and spots will fill fast. Contact me for further info.

This podcast episode is sponsored by Libsyn. If you're looking for a fantastic hosting service for your podcast, go to libsyn.com and use the promo code "Pod101" for a free month of service.

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In this episode we talk to the Man, the Myth, the Legend. Dino Dogan. If you're looking for an energetic man who knows a thing about social media and podcasting, you've come to the right place.

Road to TED is a podcast about people who are involved in the world of Speaking at TED. Either they're soon to be up there on that stage...or they have been. They all have a story.

Triberr is a fantastic Social Media type website that helps bloggers meet bloggers and share their blogs with the world. It's a fantastic FREE site and it's something all bloggers should look into.

I do hope you enjoy this intervier with Dino. Please don't forget to leave us an iTunes reveiw and remember to subscribe to this twice weekly podcast that's all about podcasting!


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Unless you've been hiding under a rock, or still dialing into your internet, you've heard of Crowd Source Funding. Made popular by sites like Kickstarter, Indie GoGo and GoFundMe.com. Well, there is a new Crowd Funding sheriff in town and his name is Podfund!

Podfund runs and looks very similar to the other funding sites you may have used or checked out in the past...only this one is geared specifically for You, a fellow podcaster!

Robert, the creator and owner of Podfund.com was nice enough to sit down, over skype, and fill us in on all the details of creating and maintaining a podcast campain. If this is something that interests you then stick around for this interview.

In the Podcast Tip of the day, I introduce you to a site called DonateYourAccount.com. Which is a cool site that allowes your Facebook and/or Twitter followers to donate thier account for you to spread your message through. Now, your followers already know how crazy you can be with your promotion, so they do this graciously by allowing only so many Tweets or Facebook entries to be used across thier timelines. You're followers can pick a couple times a day/week or Month.

If you have some loyal followers and they are always retweeting your stuff...this could be a good way to get them to help out...at no extra effort from them.


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On this episode of Podcasting 101, we talk with Catie Lazuraus of Employee of the Month fame. This is a New York based live comedy show. When her staff isn't tending to the building of her own personal moat, complete with organically fed gator's she keeps them busy with all the behind the scenes stuff that goes into making a podcast...even if it is really just one man...in a van...down by the river!

Before interviewing Catie, I offer a podcast tip. A resource all podcasters should be using. What was once known as CommentCast, a Mac only iTunes comment aggregator is now a fully functioning web based program for Mac and Window users called ReviewCast. 

Also, if you're a podcaster looking for a free Voicemail set up. Checkout a really easy to use site called K7. It's a small seattle based complany that gives you a free phone number to use. Once you set up your account and give it your email address it will send all of your voicemails to you in MP3 form, straight to your inbox. Pretty handy huh?

We also speak about the whole Podcast Patent thing for just a moment. If you are a podcast supporter or a podcaster, then you must check out this site. Listen to a small clip (video) from Adam Carolla himself. Help keep podcasting ours!


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This week, Tony DiLorenzo from One Extraordinary Marriage joins us to talk the How's and Why's of getting into podcasting. We talk about the actual marketing of your podcast, selling your goods as well as marketing your podcast for profit. Lots of good information and advice...all in under an hour!


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